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My First Gardening Kit- Kids Gardening Set

My First Gardening Kit- Kids Gardening Set

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🌱 Inspire a lifelong love for gardening and outdoor play with "My First Gardening Kit" a 27-piece set designed for ages 3 and up!

☀️ Engaging Outdoor Fun: Introduce your little ones to the joys of gardening with this delightful 27-piece toddler gardening set. Watch as they discover the wonders of nature while playing with their very own kids tool set

☀️ Educational Playtime: Nurture their curiosity and creativity! Our gardening tools are specially designed for tiny hands, promoting motor skills and a love for the outdoors.

☀️ Quality Construction: Built for endless play sessions, our kids gardening set is made from durable, child-safe materials. These outdoor toys for kids are ready for any adventure, ensuring hours of pretend play and long-lasting fun

☀️ Perfect Gifts for Kids: Whether you have a budding botanist or an adventurous explorer at home, this toddler gardening set is a unique and thoughtful present that encourages a connection with nature through outdoor play!

☀️ Complete Gardening Kit: The 27-piece My First Gardening Kit includes all your child needs for gardening fun!

🌱 5 mini planting pots
🌿 5 soil pods
🌼 5 magical seed papers growing into wildflower
🚩 5 customizable garden stakes
🛍️ Machine-washable tote bag
💦 Mini watering can
🐞 Ladybug magnifying glass
👧 Kid-sized rake, trowel, shovel, and a mini pencil
🎁 Bonus: a 20-page downloadable garden tracker and activity book that will provide hours of fun and engaging play!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Maria Lopez
Adorable Garden Kit

The garden kit is perfect for my toddler son. He had a lot of fun not only planting the pods and seed paper in the mini pots, but he loved, loved using the tools to plant more seeds throughout our backyard. The tools are sturdy and appear well made. I love the bright colors and the bright red watering can. My son especially loved the ladybug magnifying glass. Can’t wait to see what more we can grow!

Great for beginners

My daughter loves this kit lol. She's been trying to plant "an apple tree" for at least three years now (no matter what I tell her to the contrary). So I thought this would be the perfect gift for her and I was right.

Shar Zeiler
Love this!!!

My daughter had a birthday and she absolutely loved all the things in this!!! Great quality kit!!!

Chris Ngo
My daughter loves it!!

No more mess from dumping a packet of seeds in one spot. The seed paper makes it easy to use with minimal instruction from me. She gladly tore into the box and used everything available. She’s made a small corner of the garden hers alone and is looking forward to seeing wildflowers soon. The markers were great now that she’s learning to spell and has marked my plants with those too.! I’m excited to have a little gardening partner and having this kit makes it fun for her to stick around longer instead of watching TV inside. Going to buy some for my friends kids for Christmas.

Perfect for my garden helper!

This is the best kit for my kids who love to help me in the garden. It’s got everything they need to start their own garden — and the bag to carry all of the tools is a great way to keep everything together. I love how this is versatile for different ages — I have a 5 year old daughter that can use the kit independently or a 2.5 year old that I can be more hands on with. A great gift or just a great way to get kids interested in gardening!