About Us

Welcome to ToyBoxTown, where we're dedicated to unlocking the magic of unplugged low-tech play, inspiring creativity, fostering togetherness, and sparking joy in every child, regardless of age or interests!

As a working professional mom of two toddlers, I understand the importance of finding toys and crafts that ignite imagination and promote quality family time.

Inspired by my resilient father, who moved from Mexico to America for a better life, I embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship about a year ago. My father's legacy as a risk-taker and entrepreneur continues to be my true north, motivating me to pursue my dreams despite life's challenges.

ToyBoxTown, established in the Spring of 2023, offers a carefully curated selection, including our featured Toddler Gardening Kit. Our mission is to foster unplugged low-tech play, encouraging kids to step away from screens and embrace the joy of hands-on, imaginative activities. Swipe Less, Play More!

In October 2023, we proudly showcased our products at the Arizona Home & Garden Show, teaching little gardeners how to plant seeds. In December 2023, we had the honor of being featured on Jaime Cerreta's Channel 3 TV Segment, sharing the joy of our activity books and crafts with viewers.

I'm excited to serve parents in our local community and beyond, bringing the wonders of ToyBoxTown to children everywhere. Let's create magical moments together!

Thank you for supporting our shop!

Running a small business with a big mission is challenging, but incredibly rewarding! My beautiful children are the heart and inspiration behind what I do. Together, we create cherished memories and strengthen our bond by getting outside and playing. When you support our business, you are championing a movement that encourages quality time with our kids, away from screens, and engaged in meaningful activities. Thank you for being part of this journey!